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About us

SmarTrips App is a GPS guided audio adventure tours. It is the most complete, fun and newest way to take individual tours of tourist locations around the world. You will get all the information on your tablet or smartphone through our app. Once you start the tour, you don’t need to continue looking at your phone. 

We offer both driving and walking mobile app for tourism. Based on your preference and GPS locations, the app will be your guide for sightseeing and adventures. If you don’t want to read, you can also get loud explanations via the app about the places you are visiting.

While planning the trip, you can choose your interests such as food, art, sports, fashion etc. Based on that, the SmarTrips App would suggest you the local exciting and unique places to visit in your area.

Why Choose Us?

No Map and Guides Needed

All descriptions and directions are spoken for easy navigation. Our tours are a complete circle and you will end up where you started.

Tour on Your Own Schedule

No more waiting at a specific time for guides to show up. Go at any time you want, take a break and resume at your own pace.

Available on IOS and Android

Our app would be supported by android and IOS. Our tours app makes use of exclusive software. With SmarTrips App, you can get a remarkable experience anytime you go out on a vacation. We created this app to allow tourists to focus on what really matters, which include enjoying their vacation, relaxing and learning along the way, based on their own preferences. Our tourism app can offer the following benefits to our users:

  • Helpful travel itineraries for visitors.
  • Discovery of beautiful new places.
  • Creating tailor-made tour based on your preferences and interests.
  • Self-guided museum or park tours.
  • Customized tours of your city, village, or region.
  • Audio guides, information and alerts with relevant information.

Our app offers a more convenient tool for tourists to go on tours. For more information about our app, do not hesitate to contact us today.

How it works?

You can now explore the world’s richest cultural landscapes as you walk/drive the spectacular route with this hands-free, GPS-enabled audio tour app.
The content we offer includes:

Exclusive tours


Information about the sites you visit

Reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings from travelers

Travel guides

This is an app used for tours by making use of your device location. There is an audio that plays commentary about the surrounding areas as you walk/drive along the way in your trip. GPS is used to determine the location. The service doesn’t use data roaming, cellular network or Wi-Fi connection while touring.

Audio Guide

You will hear about the history, culture, locals and current situation of the place you are going.

Best Guidance with Great Value

Get the best guidance, schedule your movement, take a break and learn more about different places that align with your interest.

Explore the World

Get first-hand information, better than other tourists with local instructions and navigating directions.

With extensive filtering options, reviews system, and other app features, users won’t spend lots of time getting to the right place.

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